A Nice Place to Create Custom Basketball Jerseys

Nowadays, there are a lot of people whose lifestyle tend to be more sedentary. It means they lack of physical activity and eat recklessly. With so many junk foods available and lack of time to do exercise due to a lot of workloads, this condition become pretty hard to be avoided. However, it needs to be solved as soon as possible, because lack of exercise and reckless eating may lead to various serious health condition. You will gain more weight and eventually become obese. Obese people are more prone to severe health conditions, such as metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Illness will reduce someone’s productivity and performance, which may affect the productivity and performance of the whole workplaces. Thus, many workplaces start to give their employees opportunities to increase their physical activities by creating sport teams for each division and compete them regularly. One among the most popular sport teams created by offices is basketball team. To differentiate the teams from different divisions, having custom basketball jerseys is very important. To create your custom jerseys, you can go to, especially if you live in Tsuen Wan area, Hong Kong. can be considered as one of the best jersey maker in Hong Kong. It provides various t-shirt printing service, from basic t-shirt to sport jerseys. For custom basketball jerseys, this printing business offers two different models. The first is V-neck and the second is O-neck. The basket jersey is available in male, female, and kids version. You can choose from XS to 5XL size. It also provides the basketball pants. You can choose among two types of fabric available. The microfiber fabric is suitable for sweaty person. It is soft, breathable, porous, and stretchy. It is a combination of spandex, nylon, and polyester. The other fabric is called hivetex, which has an awesome sweat absorption quality and hexagonal pores.

You can order at through their official website. Choose which products you wish to order. Upload your ready-to-use design in jpg or png format with RGB color and 150 dpi resolution or design your jersey using the simulator available on the website. Check your order details and pay your order. The producing process will start as soon as you pay your order. The production will take around 10 business days or more if there are many orders at the same time. You can pick your order up or use the delivery service provided by this business.

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